​Jawline fillers are rapidly becoming one of our most popular treatments for both women and men. Many people are opting for this type of dermal filler for a ​variety of reasons such as wanting a younger-looking appearance, a more contoured look or a slimmer appearance. ​Previously, when people considered chin or jawline transformations, surgery was the only option. Now we have a quicker, more cost-effective and lower-risk option for​ our clients! Dermal fillers are quick, straightforward and a (relatively) painless solution to modify any problem areas and give clients their ideal face shape and a​more youthful appearance. ​

If you want younger-looking skin, adding volume to your jawline may be your secret weapon! The ageing process means we lose elasticity in our skin so the jawline droops​ and sags. In addition, we lose volume through our fat pads starting to break down. In combination with gravity, this then leads to the skin hanging down giving​ that jowling look. We all lose volume in our faces as we age. ​Here's a test: Put your hands on the sides your face and push
your skin back toward your ears. Is that the way you wished your skin looked? ​ If so, that’s a sign you’ve lost volume. And to fix it, we need to add some of that volume back. ​ We do that through Voluma and Revolax fillers. When we add a filler to the jawline, it makes a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. ​

Dermal filler can also be used to create a more masculine jawline by squaring off the chin and widening the jaw, or subtly defining and reshaping the jaw for a more​ feminine profile, depending on the client’s needs. ​

Results are instant! With the effects improving over 14 days! ​ Dermal fillers in the jawline are becoming more and more popular because the treatment is quick, ​ non-invasive and cheaper than surgery! The results are almost instant and improve over a 2-week period due to the filler settling into the skin. The results are ​natural and typically last up to 12-18 months before requiring a top-up! ​


For anyone considering this treatment, at Facetherapy NI, we offer free consultations. During a consultation, the problem area or the area to be enhanced would be ​discussed. Different options and the advantages of opting for dermal fillers would be highlighted, and what to expect in terms of any minor discomfort or slight​ bruising. Before and after photographs of previous clients will be shown and the customer would be reassured of the highest level of professional care and safety​ standards that are upheld at Facetherapy NI as well as benefiting from my years of professional experience and expertise. ​


The treatment will usually take around 30-40 minutes. We offer a vast range of dermal fillers such as Revolax, Volbella, Voluma and Volift ​(depending on the desired look/duration)and is injected into the dermal layer. The fillers we use contain hyaluronic acid which boosts the skins natural hydrating ​system, lifting, smoothing and enhancing elasticity for a very natural result. The dermal fillers we use also work with tissue and supports everyday movement ​- providing longevity and sustained definition. These products are the leading dermal fillers in the aesthetics business and are the most effective. Whilst performing​ this treatment we either inject the dermal filler or use a cannula – to provide a great deal of precision and accuracy.