Non-surgical rhinoplasty (more literally known as “nose filler”) is an aesthetic treatment rising in popularity with women and men alike. According to data released by a private clinic, the demand for such procedures increased by 29% over the past year. With an evident rise in the use of aesthetics due to social media and celebrity influence, such quick and easy ‘lunch break’ treatments are becoming commonplace. ​

By carefully injecting dermal filler above and below the ‘bump’ on the nose, we can very easily make the most ‘hooked’ of noses, look completely straight. ​Additionally, by applying filler around the tip of the nose, we can make it look thinner and more refined. ​

We now have more and more options for performing non-surgical procedures. Being non-surgical it means less risk, less downtime, fewer side effects and yet with ​very similar results. The new non-surgical nose job using dermal fillers means we can do so much in such a short time and with virtually no pain. ​Surgical rhinoplasty, however, takes a month or longer to recover from and results are not always perfect. ​We use modern fillers which contain some local anaesthetic in them, and this coupled with our light-handed technique, makes the procedure is quick and painless! ​

Results are instant! With the effects improving over 14 days! ​​Dermal fillers in the nose are becoming more and more popular because the treatment is quick, ​ non-invasive and cheaper than surgery! ​ The results are almost instant and improve over a 2- week period due to the filler settling into the skin. As we do not move the nose too much, the results can last ​ as long as 24 months, and with repeat treatments, they can last even longer. ​


For anyone considering this treatment, at Facetherapy NI, we offer free consultations. During a consultation, the problem area or the area to be enhanced​ would be ​discussed. Different options and the advantages of opting for dermal fillers would be highlighted, and what to expect in terms of any minor discomfort or ​slight​ bruising. Before and after photographs of previous clients will be shown and the customer would be reassured of the highest level of professional care and ​safety​ standards that are upheld at Facetherapy NI as well as benefiting from my years of professional experience and expertise. ​​

The treatment will usually take around 30-40 minutes. We offer the dermal filler, Voluma​. The fillers we use contain hyaluronic acid which boosts the ​skins natural hydrating ​system, lifting, smoothing and enhancing elasticity for a very natural result. The dermal fillers we use also work with tissue and ​supports everyday movement ​ – providing longevity and sustained definition. These products are the leading dermal fillers in the aesthetics business and are ​ the most effective. Whilst performing​ this treatment we either inject the dermal filler or use a cannula – to provide a great deal of precision and accuracy.