In our 40s we start to see loss of volume in the face which can contribute to marionette lines, nasolabial folds and loss of cheek volume.

Fine lines can start to appear around the lips and we tend to lose lip volume.

Crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines on the face become deeper and more noticeable. Sun exposure and smoking can speed up the development of lines so make sure you are wearing high factor sunscreen.

We have a very firm belief that your results should look natural and no-one should guess that you have had cosmetic treatment. We want people to say that you are looking good, or refreshed and this can be achieved using subtle treatments.

Anti-wrinkle treatments in your 40s


The aims of anti-wrinkle treatments in your 40s are to soften the lines on the face whilst keeping the results natural. We don’t necessarily want to get rid of all the lines but helping you look refreshed and rested is often the goal. We often ask patients what their best feature is, with the answer commonly being, “My eyes”.


A result of the ageing process can mean that the upper eyelids become heavy and more noticeable. If your best feature is your eyes then we want to show them off. By treating the frown lines and just below the eyebrows we can lift the brow and open up the eyes.


Think of cosmetic treatments as trying to reduce the things that distract from your best features. Crows feet aren’t necessarily a bad thing but sometimes then can distract from other great features. For this reason we like to soften crows feet in your 40s.



Be careful when treating forehead lines – this can sometimes do more harm than good. The forehead muscle is the only muscle that lifts the eyebrows – try it for yourself in the mirror. If we start treating the forehead lines too much it can cause the eyebrows to look heavy or flat which is the opposite of what we want to achieve.


Dermal filler treatment


The aim of dermal filler treatments in your 40s is to replace the volume that has been lost. Volume loss causes marionette lines to form, the cheeks to flatten and for you to develop nasolabial folds.


We aim to correct this volume loss in a subtle, natural way. A simple way of looking at dermal filler treatment in your 40s is to soften the areas that have started to develop shadows where there were none previously.




he profhilo treatment for sagging skin offers a new approach to rejuvenating your skin by triggering a ‘bioremodelling’ response; a revolutionary new category of anti-ageing injectable treatments that shouldn’t be confused with dermal fillers, skin boosters or mesotherapy.


This injectable treatment introduces slow-release hyaluronic acid (HA) to lax, crepey skin to trigger a cellular response, often referred to as switching your skin’s ‘lights on’. Profhilo awakens and stimulates your regeneration process, collagen and elastin, to help treat skin laxity.


The profhilo treatment is ideal if you have lax, crepey, thin, sun-damaged skin on your face, neck, décolleté, arms and hands. Profhilo can significantly improve your skins hydration and firmness whilst remodelling your ageing skin.