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The most popular treatment for people in their 20’s may include lip enhancement, brow lifts, forehead lines, crows feet treatment and facial slimming – mostly for aesthetic reasons. (i.e trends).

However, speaking in terms of anti-ageing, as we head towards our late 20s people start to develop fine lines. Factors like Sun damage and smoking increases your chances of developing lines as you age. 

Below we discuss different options for patients in their 20’s. 

Firstly skincare, In addition to investing in a sunscreen you won’t mind wearing every single day such as our Alumier Md Sheer Hydration (it’s a non-negotiable), maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and cultivating good skincare habits (think: always washing your face before bed), your twenties are the time to establish a relationship with one of our skincare specialists. Whether you are dealing with hormonal acne (sadly, pimples don’t magically disappear when you leave your teenage years), or are curious about injectables or other minimally invasive procedures, a professional opinion could go a long way towards long term skin health.

In your 30s, your skin care regimen should focus on action.

This means that you have to be more proactive in amping up your treatments as hormonal changes and stress throw your skin out of sync. This is also a time to redeem your skin or do some damage control if you were not as keen on skincare in your 20s.

Upgrade your moisturizer

In this new decade of life, your skin needs a higher concentration of Vitamins A and C to address any pigmentation problems. Skin discoloration is common in this age, either due to sun damage, pregnancy, and hormonal changes.

in our 40s we start to see loss of volume in the face which can contribute to marionette lines, nasolabial folds and loss of cheek volume.

Fine lines can start to appear around the lips and we tend to lose lip volume.

Crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines on the face become deeper and more noticeable. Sun exposure and smoking can speed up the development of lines so make sure you are wearing high factor sunscreen.

We have a very firm belief that your results should look natural and no-one should guess that you have had cosmetic treatment. We want people to say that you are looking good, or refreshed and this can be achieved using subtle treatments.

When women reach their 50s & 60s, they only have about one-tenth of the estrogen they previously had.

Because estrogen stimulates collagen and oil production, this dramatic loss during menopause can manifest as very dry, cracked skin and existing fine and deep-set wrinkles will become more pronounced.

As the face begins to sag overall, jowls can appear with the falling of the jawline and cheeks. The natural loss of volume that began in the 40s continues, meaning sunken cheeks, thinner lips, hallowed eyes, and pronounced lines around the mouth. Dark spots from sun damage can appear or worsen on the hands and face.

And, increasingly slowed cell turnover affects the face as vertical and horizontal lines deepen, the nose tip droops, and skin becomes noticeably thinner.